Friday, November 13, 2009

3 important ways to get more targeted visitors to your website or blog !!

Three important ways to get more targeted visitors to your website or blog
You have published a blog or a website with wonderful and attracting features. But if there is not visitors all your works are meaningless. Your site or blog may promte something, may be your busieness, I mean your product or services or may sell your adplaces by Googe adsense ads or any such leading adnetwork ads. But you could optimise your site only with the visitors. Only with targetted visitors you can attain your goals. You may be aware that all visiotrs will not clicked on your ads or buy your products or services. Only a percentage, a low percentage will help you to attain your goals. Let us see some methods to attract targeted visitors to your site.

1. Keyword traffic:- So you have to attract maximum visitors to your site. With your keywords and articles you can attract some visitors through search engines and those visitors will be targetted visiotrs, those who followed your keyword by searching the web and a certain percentage of them will do the clicks. Because they are targeted visitors. So the first and foremost thing is choose proper keywords to get more and more targeted visitors through search engines.

2. Advertise your site:- This is one of the important method to attract targeted visitors to your site. When you advertise in Google adsense, Bidvertiser or such Pay Per Click advertisements net works, they also have search engines and some of them are popular also. When a person search with a keyword your ads with suitable keywords also display with the search results and most times this will be attractive and may be on the visible place. When the person see your ad which is suitable with his keyword, he will click the ads and visit your site and you can attain your goal from the targeted visitor.

3.Answeruing questions in question and answer site:- This is also interesting and helps you to get targeted visitors, when you answer questions of such site and place a link in the soruce box. But the main thing is that you have to answer questions according your niche and the site you linked with it also should be the same theme of the question, or something special should be there on your site which should be sastisfy the person looking answers.

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