Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crunch will cost UK 600,000 jobs during 2009

When combined with those job losses that have already occurred since the start of the recession in mid-2008, the UK will likely suffer the the loss of about 750,000 jobs by the end of 2009.

The CIPD warned that this would be equivalent to the total net rise in employment in the preceding three years.

CIPD chief economist John Philpott said: "Assuming the economy bottoms out in the second half of 2009, job losses are likely to continue into 2010, in all probability taking the final toll of lost jobs to around 1 million."

Philpott added: "Our current expectation, based on available survey evidence and employer soundings, is that the number of redundancies will jump sharply in the early months of 2009, once employers take stock of the economic outlook.

"The period between New Year and Easter is likely to be the worst for redundancies since 1991.

"Similarly, the CIPD’s baseline forecast is that by the end of 2009 the number of people unemployed and actively seeking work will have increased to 2.8 million, 1 million above the autumn 2008 figure."

The institute's annual Barometer Report, published today (29 December), also predicts poor pay prospects over the year ahead, with more than half of the 2,604 employees quizzed expecting to receive either less than they did last year or no pay rise at all.

Overall, 28 per cent of employees believe that they will not receive a pay increase in 2009, while 26 per cent predict that they will receive a lower pay rise than the one they got in 2008.

A further 2 per cent actually expect a pay cut during the year.

CIPD reward adviser Charles Cotton said: "With job cuts seemingly lurking around every corner and trading conditions tight, employees are realistic about their pay prospects for the year ahead. Against this backdrop, employers will need to work hard to find new ways to motivate their employees to perform."

Article from : FTAdviser

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sharing what I have realized about work and life

I have been spending most of my time working BLINDLY and after years of working, I started complaining why most our lives must be spent on WORKING? It will be different story if I were working as in building my OWN empire but I wasn't. I was working for PEOPLE, in another words as an employee.

In Singapore, it is so common to see people work for companies days after days, months after months, years after years. What do they get at the end? Retirement? (Which is barely not enough in future as the populations now are outliving their sources).
Furthermore, do you think you can survive till retirement? Don't forget RECESSION which means retrenchment. Nothing is guaranteed in future.

Are you happy with what you are doing? Why spend so much miserable time on life where we only live once? young once? Not unless if you're happy with what you are doing now, by all means.
But if you were like me, used to working BLINDLY? It's time to wake up and it's still not too late. Do what you have passion with, I once watched Oprah's talk show and she said during her show, one does not need to pursue success, do what you have passion with and success will come to you. Does it make sense to you?
You might not know what your passion is but don't give up, keep searching because never try never know. Why waste your time leading a miserable life? Be a daring one to search what you are good at. Time never come back so do our youth.
Although I haven't really found what I really have passion with and good at, I still searching because I don't want to give up. But luckily I woke up from my miserable life and taking action to be the person I want to be.
What is success to you? Everyone has different of definition for it. Commonly, many think that by owning a big house, a car, a good career are successful indications.
But hey, look into yourself, what kind of life do you want to lead? You don't live for others, but you and family. Example, if a lady aims to be a successful housewife who takes good care of her husband and children, keeping the house clean and tidy, helping and supporting her husband, making the family a happy one and if she achieved that aim, she is considered a successful person in her life. Why? Because that is her AIM, to be successful in what she wants to be.
So, if you're living or working blindly, please wake up and start to search. Dare to dream! Dreamers are people with goals, it's ok to be a dreamer but do what you need to do in order to achieve it. It's ok to face some failures in life because they are your TEACHERS. Don't give up. Do it before it's too late.
Live your life everybody!

But not to forget, ones must have the right attitude to continue the journey. Good Luck!

From my friend Evangeline (thanks!)

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Added RSS News

I have always wanted to keep up to date on investments news, blogging tips and tips on different ways to achieve financial freedom via a single platform. A better and more convenient way that I found useful is to add an RSS news reader to my side bar. Now my visitors and I can get up to date with investment news, blogging tips and any new ideas that come from other parts of the world.

If you have a site that contributes towards achieving financial freedom do let me know. We can link our sites and share information. :)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas and may all our dreams come true. Keep our minds focus towards achieving Financial Freedom.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

What is my defination of Financial Freedom - Part 1

I believe Financial freedom is the state whereby the amount of passive income exceeds your living expenses. This amount of passive income streams is so huge that you no longer need to work to maintain your current lifestyle.

The fact that many of us have not achieved Financial Freedom is because we are normally trapped in the time-money trade-off where we have to invest time in running a business or earning a wage in order to earn the income that supports our lifestyle.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Special - How to grow your money from FX trading

For the past months I have been following this site called Practical FX Trading to practice FX trading. So far its 80% win and 20% loss for my trades. This is a good alternative for secondary income and another step closer to financial freedom.

For newbies to investing, I would suggest to start by opening a free account following this link
for practice and experiment. Give it a try, nothing to lose anyway.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting the most out of your money is also a way of achieving Financial Freedom

Life is not all about work and money. We also need to reward ourselves after a long hard day of work.

I happened to find this great savings deal for Maxim magazine (1-year PRINT SUBSCRIPTION)
Price: $10.00 ($0.83/issue)
Savings: $49.88 (83%)

Click on the Maxim magazine below to subscribe

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why a job is not a long term solution to Financial Freedom - Part 2

Having wasted 1 weekend gathering data and formulating statistics to justify for the hard work and sweat that I have done for my company, guess what's next?

Its another time wasting 1 hour session for my boss to provide feedback and rate me on the work I have done for the year!

Problem is he does not even know what I have done.

Try my best to justify and prove to him what I have done is indeed value adding and I have gone all out to make it happen, just for the 5% increment or 10% increment if he accepts my justifications and promote me?

Why do we want to waste the whole of our life pleasing other people who does not even care and know what we are doing?

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Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Advertise online

You're new to marketing online, and you need to find out what resources are the best for advertising. What is all the hype about this new trend of online advertising called Pixel Advertising? Emagazine advertising is one of the most popular ways to market yourself online.

Netsurfer became the proverbial canary in the coalmine that succumbed to the hazardous winds blowing across the online advertising market. Participating in online forums about online advertising is an excellent way to get new ideas for your online advertising and for new search engine optimization techniques that are effective as the search engines change their ranking rules. Usually an unscrupulous competitor who wants to break a rival's bank, online "vandals" who get their kicks causing other people grief, or search engine advertising affiliates who want to earn fat commissions by racking up piles of bogus clicks.

The corollary to this law of web surfing behavior: Anyone who clicks through to your site via an online advertising link needs to know they've arrived at the right place as soon as they get there. So here it is, the first law of human web surfing behavior, which you absolutely must take into account when marketing your website: While surfing the web, almost everyone will hit the "back" button if they think there's a chance, they've come to the wrong web page. On the internet, your advertising through search engines, directories, email and other sources takes care of getting the visitors to your website, your "retail store" on the web.

You can overcome the advertising challenge by using the techniques outlined in Part I and Part II of what it takes to advertise your internet business. There are many different factors to consider in running an online business, but I think advertising is one of the most confusing for people to grasp and understand. Effective online advertising is based on matching the ad, or site, to people who are already interested in the products and services being offered.

For a home based start up, online advertising is a potent tool that can maximize visibility, drive traffic to the company’s website, up the sales and build a solid brand in the process. But, unearthing these online riches entails balancing the advertising content so businesses can make money while at the same time not alienating viewers who, up until now, have not been forced to endure institutional advertising in their online video clips. Though there is a wealth of techniques through which online advertising can be carried out, the most popular form at the present is through rich media sources.

Those were just a few of the many ways to do free advertising of your online business. Blogging is a technique that is becoming an extremely effective and almost necessary method of advertising your online business. The infrastructure that is necessary for online advertising can become quite pricy if one wishes to develop an elaborate set of advertisements and as such many small businesses shy away from online aspect of marketing.

The fact is that online advertising is really not all that different in principle from advertising in the rest of the world, as some of the truly successful Internet marketing gurus have pointed out. Google made a revolution in advertising introducing the contextual advertising models in their services AdWords and AdSense. Marketers needed new advertising models so they started making ads using Flash.

So how do you keep online advertising traffic from bouncing? The affiliates can build their site and generate extra traffic by advertising their whereabouts through the numerous options available to online users. Article writing is one way for online businesses to create exposure to their products without the need of spending money for the production of advertisement clips that are more often than not, left unnoticed.

Simple "Traffic Machine" brings Thousands of NEW visitors to your website for weeks, even months. If you are looking for free traffic to your site, make sure click the link in the resource box.
By: Tsuyoshi Suzuki

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A terrible weekend - You ARE FIRED!

In a short one week, I recieved 3 of my friends calling me to keep a lookout for jobs.

They have been retrenched !

In this climate where recession and job cuts are widely publicised, it will be extremely difficult to find a job if you are retrenched. So, if you still have a job now, its time you begain to start looking for other streams of income.

One of the ways to start off is to follow the footsteps of someone who has made the results, such as my six steps guide to financial freedom

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to earn $ with every post or replies you make/get in forum

You earn money by posting on these forums. Every post earns you some cents and if you start a thread and it gets some replies then you will earn for every reply it gets. You can also earn for referrals. If you upgrade your account for $10 a month you can earn double the amount of points for every post so your earnings will raise a lot faster. It just that simple SIGN UP NOW!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My blog is listed on first page of Google Search

I hope that you have started your journey to financial freedom by following the six steps I mentioned.

Went to do a search on google for "ifinancial freedom" and found my blog to be listed on the first page results of google search.

If you stil have not taken the initative, you can still find out how I managed to cover my expenses in these 6 easy steps:

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Monday, December 8, 2008

My Blog is available in all major languages now

Thanks to the feedbacks and comments of fellow bloggers, my blog is now available to all major languages. Please scroll down to the bottom of the side bar you will see a language translator like the one below.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Billionaires of ZIMBABWE

500 million dollar bill, just printed in May 2008.....everybody can have it.... just enough for breakfast/lunch (equal to about USD 2)

Everybody is a billionaire ....

To buy tidbits in a plastic have to spend at least 10 million

To buy eggs........6000 million

If you want to eat in a restaurant, please prepare the money......... Your monthly need to hire a taxi or lorry to bring the money home.....

Young kid - already a millionaire.......

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend Special - How to make money online with Amazon $1000 a week or more

How to make money online with Amazon $1000 a week or more

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Blog Traffic Tips - Google AdWords

This is for those advanced users. If you want a sudden influx of traffic, then you will want to read everything you need to know about Google AdWords. This is not something that is easily done - otherwise everybody would do it.

Now that's not to say you can do it, or even succeed your first time. You simply have to sign up for Google AdWords, find the correct keywords to what you think people will type in who are interested in the content you have to offer - and in the end; you'll enjoy the amount of people who visit your blog over a lifetime.

So the question is, why not start today and find out how many people you can get to your blog!

Learn how to make $10,000+ or more using a step-by-step blogging system that's designed for beginner and advanced bloggers alike. Learn how to create Professionally Designed, Traffic Pulling Blogs in a matter of a few clicks .

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog Traffic tips - Video Marketing

This is one of the greatest ways to drive traffic to the blog. People will go to your video on these following sites:

• YouTube
• Google Video
• Veoh
• Daily Motion
• AOL Video

Or many of the countless video websites around the web. It's a great tool that you should definitely think about starting today. Video marketing allows your visitors to visually identify what you and you blog is about, it makes you look professional, and in the end - you can use keyword targeting to recommend people to your blog as lifetime subscribers!

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Blog Traffic tips - Social Bookmarketing

It's actually social bookmarking but you are actually social bookmarketing. You want to establish a community, relationship with tons of friends, and even book mark other websites. Social bookmarking websites with "do following" links are the best because you can build up backlinks and attract the social bookmarking website links to your website.

You should definitely start today as well! Search engines find these social book marking websites and eventually find your blog, this can instantly bring traffic to your website, and bring you a great deal of lifetime subscribers who are eager to click, read, buy, shop, or do whatever you want them to do!

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Knowledge is the key. Some books which I recommend reading.