Friday, November 13, 2009

3 important ways to get more targeted visitors to your website or blog !!

Three important ways to get more targeted visitors to your website or blog
You have published a blog or a website with wonderful and attracting features. But if there is not visitors all your works are meaningless. Your site or blog may promte something, may be your busieness, I mean your product or services or may sell your adplaces by Googe adsense ads or any such leading adnetwork ads. But you could optimise your site only with the visitors. Only with targetted visitors you can attain your goals. You may be aware that all visiotrs will not clicked on your ads or buy your products or services. Only a percentage, a low percentage will help you to attain your goals. Let us see some methods to attract targeted visitors to your site.

1. Keyword traffic:- So you have to attract maximum visitors to your site. With your keywords and articles you can attract some visitors through search engines and those visitors will be targetted visiotrs, those who followed your keyword by searching the web and a certain percentage of them will do the clicks. Because they are targeted visitors. So the first and foremost thing is choose proper keywords to get more and more targeted visitors through search engines.

2. Advertise your site:- This is one of the important method to attract targeted visitors to your site. When you advertise in Google adsense, Bidvertiser or such Pay Per Click advertisements net works, they also have search engines and some of them are popular also. When a person search with a keyword your ads with suitable keywords also display with the search results and most times this will be attractive and may be on the visible place. When the person see your ad which is suitable with his keyword, he will click the ads and visit your site and you can attain your goal from the targeted visitor.

3.Answeruing questions in question and answer site:- This is also interesting and helps you to get targeted visitors, when you answer questions of such site and place a link in the soruce box. But the main thing is that you have to answer questions according your niche and the site you linked with it also should be the same theme of the question, or something special should be there on your site which should be sastisfy the person looking answers.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your route to being an Online Millionaire

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an online millionaire? Perhaps your goal is to work from home in some area of Internet marketing? Whatever your online business aspirations are or your angle on how to make money, there is one particular and often overlooked first step!

You may be thinking that first step is getting a great website? Or an amazing product, (maybe an idea to create one?) Or indeed you might be thinking it's 'all in the list', as you will hear many an experienced Internet marketing guru say!

While each of the above is important and has their place in the grand scheme of things, there is one vital factor that needs to come first. You need to start 'thinking' like a millionaire.

Let me explain, successful people in general (people who are perceived by the majority to have achieved above and beyond the rest) including those who make millions online, 'Think' in a certain way that differs from the majority of people. The good news is though, that your thoughts and 'patterns of thought' are things that you can take charge of and 'control' then adjust in order to start thinking in the same way as those who are already successful at making money. To start you on your road to success I've outlined below 3 ways that you can immediately use to start thinking like the millionaire that you want to be!

How to view problems

If making money and building an online business was an easy thing to achieve then everyone would do it. Inevitably there will be problems along the way. How you view these problems can be a deciding factor in overcoming them! The high achievers view problems as, inevitable, all part of the process. They see them as hurdles to be jumped or obstacles to find a way around.

In fact the word problem often does not exist within their vocabulary; they use the word 'challenge' in its place. These people won't say, "The problem is" (that sounds like an excuse?) They just say "My challenge is" xyz and then they focus positively on the possible solutions. So from now on, lose the word problem from your vocabulary and chose to use the word 'challenge' in its place along with looking for a new perspective that views your challenge positively.

Know when to quit

When should you quit? That is a very easy one to answer, especially when it comes to chasing financial goals! The answer is NEVER quit. No matter how many challenges seem to face you in your quest, there is one sure way to guarantee that you will NOT succeed and that is if you quit!

By all means change your tactics on a particular project, perhaps try a different program to follow, or indeed if needed re-think your whole strategy and change your angle of attack. However the age old saying is as true today as it has ever been, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again!' Keeping your dream alive, whether that is to work from home or to generate a million dollar online business, requires you to never give in to the challenges that face you, this surely is a prerequisite to success. So just keep striving to reach your goals.

Find the positive

Your third way to start thinking like a millionaire that will help you to make money, is to find the positive in 'every' situation. When choosing your perspectives on how you view any situation, choose a positive one that invokes a positive emotional response. Your alternative is in choosing a negative perspective, which can ultimately lead you into a downward spiral of negative emotions. Once negativity gets hold, solutions are harder to find. The choice is yours!

Choose to find a positive way of looking at each and every challenge and you will likely find a positively charged set of emotions to lead you in the direction of a successful outcome.

Now you know the first step in becoming a millionaire online (or anywhere for that matter) starts with you, inside 'your own mind' which is entirely under your control. Starting right now! try to incorporate these ways of 'success oriented thinking' into your everyday life.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starting to make a money making site

You cruise around the internet killing time and one common factor keeps popping up to you, Money making websites. Everywhere you go online you stumble upon a money making website. This makes you ask the question, should I start a money making website of my own?

Initially starting a money making website is a low cost low risk venture. There are free methods available online but it’s best to grab yourself your own domain for a minimal spend. So you know you can start up a money making website that has the potential to make you thousands of dollars for practically nothing but the real question you need to ask yourself is have you got the drive to make a winner out of this site.

If you go into this project with the same mindset as 95% of other people you will fail. This is because these people expect to make money over night or quick money within a week. It doesn’t work like this. It takes time to build a successful money making website, sometimes years but over time you will add to your web estate and work and nurture your sites so they are all making money.

Don’t look at this in a bad way, if you take your time to learn the ropes and slowly build up your empire the more likely your revenue will last and stay stable over a longer period. This is just good business practice whether it is online or offline. You don’t want to make big dollars today and then never see a cent for the rest of your online business career.

Start a money making website today and be one of the few that has the patience to see it through. Stay with it for the long haul and watch has your web estate becomes more and more successful.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg the Internet Millionaire

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Facebook Founder

Age: 23 years old
Project: Facebook
Wealth: $700 million

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. As a Harvard student, he created the online social website Facebook with fellow computer science major students and his roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook is a social networking site popular worldwide. Zuckerberg serves as Facebook's CEO. He has been the subject of controversy for the origins of his business and his wealth.

Time Magazine added Zuckerberg as one of The World's Most Influential People of 2008. He fell under the Scientists & Thinkers category for his web phenomenon, Facebook, and ranked 52 out of 101 people

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 tips to generate income from your blog

Making money with the blog is easy when when you know how to do it. The following tips will give you ideas to generate money from your blog. Give it a try

1. Use advertising programs on the blog. Such as AdSense, Text Link Ads, etc....

2. Use RSS advertising. This is also used by many bloggers to generate income.

3. Join directories and link exchanges

4. Join as affiliates business sites such as Forexyard

5. Create eBooks or other digital products for the site visitors to purchase to make money with your blog

6. Join a blogging network where you post on their sites for money

7. Hire bloggers to write blog postings for you

8. Write articles for newspapers or books pertaining to special interests

9. Add a donation button to the blog to raise money

10. Selling your blogs away for money

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top 3 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

The Internet offers a huge number of different ways to make money. These are 3 of the most important.

1. Affiliate Marketing: You can choose different affiliate networks such as Clickbank. These are websites where merchants offer their products and reward affiliates for each sale they make. The affiliate has to place a banner on his website to either send visitors to the merchant website or to sell the merchant's product, both in exchange for a share of the profits. Overall this is one of the easiest ways to start making money on the internet due to the fact that you don't need to develop and promote your own products, you only need to have a website.

2. eBay: This is probably the biggest market place on the internet these days. Millions of people visit their stores and thousands of transactions are made daily. Ordinary people like you and me can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. You could start right now if you wish; all you need is a product to sell, a PayPal account and a digital camera. There are tons of websites where you can find detailed information about eBay and how to make money from it.

3. AdSense: This is probably the most important money making method for those who own a website. The earning potential is unlimited. Some are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly this way. Even if your site doesn't get huge amounts of traffic you can take advantage of this opportunity.

These 3 methods have something in common: anybody can use them, even those who don't have any experience in internet marketing and online businesses.

By Fabian Davila

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Changing Mind Set of an Apprentice Internet Marketer

Once the smart budding Internet Marketer has failed a few times she or he will discover the value of an apprenticeship in Internet Marketing. This is the start of the changing mind set of an apprentice Internet Marketer.

If you are determined enough to have gone through the "kid in a candy store" routine or been subject to the "teachings of the gurus" or have tried the "go it alone route" you will know what I am talking about.

There will come a time when you either give up, much to the ridicule of the "I told you so" brigade and possibly your family and friends or you will look for a smarter way to achieve your goals. It is only the determined that will make it.

That smarter way involves you in researching a teacher who will "show you the ropes" without selling you the store! That, I can tell you is easier said than done but they are out there. You can and should learn the free methods of internet marketing. That will save you time and money and believe it or not most of the top methods are free!

To start with though, forums are a wonderful way to do research for your apprenticeship. Also asking questions on the internet generally through Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask or on one of the many social networking websites too numerous to mention.

Research complete, you chose your Mistress or Master as they may be known in the apprenticeship world and submit yourself to their teachings. Now you are the student and ready to begin building a business and a secure financial future in the relaxed knowledge that it will take time and that you will achieve your goals.

Be prepared and stay attuned to your changing mind-set. You are about to learn Internet Marketing at a pace and in a way that suits you then you will be on your way. Having read this far, note and appreciate the changing mindset of an apprentice Internet Marketer!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jellybean discount coupon - for Singapore only

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Monday, June 22, 2009

How to improve the CTR for Google Adwords

It really helps a lot in conversions and better ROI if you try to improve the CTR for your ads in Google Adwords. The better the CTR, the better the ad position with the lower CPC, which leads to quality clicks. And finally this leads to better conversions and better ROI.

Here are few easy tips which can help you to increase the CTR. Couple of them are the same old tips, but rest of them are new ones and are working well for my ads. You can test them out and let me know if it worked for you as well.

Spend money on keywords that work: Use exact match or phrase match for the keywords (use of square brackets or quotes like [keywords] or “keywords”). This helps in avoiding unwanted clicks. You will get the clicks which your ad is supposed to be clicked for. This way you get only potential customers to click the ad. Even the use of negative keywords will filter the unwanted clicks. Check for more details on Google Adwords.

Double Advantage: Have variable title for the ads like – {Keyword: Default Title} where you need to replace the default title with suitable text. Visitors tend to click if they find the keyword they are searching for in the ad. In addition to that, Google bolds the keyword which is being searched. So, you will have a double advantage to use the keywords in the title.

Create Urgency: Try to use good call-to-action lines in the ad copy. Let it create the sense of urgency to make the visitor click. Keep in mind that your ad is being shown among your competitors and you need to attract that click. Try testing these which suits the ad – Click now, Get it now, Download free trial, Try our trial today, Special Offer, only for today…

Specific Action: Direct the visitor in the ad the action he/she has to make after clicking. This will help them to make a quick decision to click or not. For example: Register now, Buy at a discount, Download the white paper, Read brochure…

Numberings: Numbers really help in attracting quality clicks. Try putting the prices in the copy. The visitor will decide prior to clicking the ad if he/she finds the price attractive. You can also put toll free numbers in the ad as it will avoid that click and the visitor will directly call you and will not click. Just give a unique phone number so that you can track the calls and calculate the conversions and ROI.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is the purpose of e-mail?

I can't imagine a senior management in a company who depends purely on email to communicate and assumes that all emails are clear and concise.

Not sure if you also have such weirdo in your company, its certainly a load of shit working with such person. I hope that he is not living in a PC!

What You Need To Know About Business Email: What is the purpose of e-mail?

The purpose of e-mail is to communicate information. It's not to have a conversation as a conversation is best face to face or on the phone when you're synchronous. E-mail is asynchronous. It's passing a message to someone to do something, request something, delivering something, asking them to send something back to someone else. E-mail is best used for communicating something in a very concise and clear manner. But we've moved conversation into that and it's caused e-mails to be confusing, misleading, vague, too long, too short, and often e-mails confuse the receiver with what they should do.

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Knowledge is the key. Some books which I recommend reading.