Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is the purpose of e-mail?

I can't imagine a senior management in a company who depends purely on email to communicate and assumes that all emails are clear and concise.

Not sure if you also have such weirdo in your company, its certainly a load of shit working with such person. I hope that he is not living in a PC!

What You Need To Know About Business Email: What is the purpose of e-mail?

The purpose of e-mail is to communicate information. It's not to have a conversation as a conversation is best face to face or on the phone when you're synchronous. E-mail is asynchronous. It's passing a message to someone to do something, request something, delivering something, asking them to send something back to someone else. E-mail is best used for communicating something in a very concise and clear manner. But we've moved conversation into that and it's caused e-mails to be confusing, misleading, vague, too long, too short, and often e-mails confuse the receiver with what they should do.

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