Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your route to being an Online Millionaire

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an online millionaire? Perhaps your goal is to work from home in some area of Internet marketing? Whatever your online business aspirations are or your angle on how to make money, there is one particular and often overlooked first step!

You may be thinking that first step is getting a great website? Or an amazing product, (maybe an idea to create one?) Or indeed you might be thinking it's 'all in the list', as you will hear many an experienced Internet marketing guru say!

While each of the above is important and has their place in the grand scheme of things, there is one vital factor that needs to come first. You need to start 'thinking' like a millionaire.

Let me explain, successful people in general (people who are perceived by the majority to have achieved above and beyond the rest) including those who make millions online, 'Think' in a certain way that differs from the majority of people. The good news is though, that your thoughts and 'patterns of thought' are things that you can take charge of and 'control' then adjust in order to start thinking in the same way as those who are already successful at making money. To start you on your road to success I've outlined below 3 ways that you can immediately use to start thinking like the millionaire that you want to be!

How to view problems

If making money and building an online business was an easy thing to achieve then everyone would do it. Inevitably there will be problems along the way. How you view these problems can be a deciding factor in overcoming them! The high achievers view problems as, inevitable, all part of the process. They see them as hurdles to be jumped or obstacles to find a way around.

In fact the word problem often does not exist within their vocabulary; they use the word 'challenge' in its place. These people won't say, "The problem is" (that sounds like an excuse?) They just say "My challenge is" xyz and then they focus positively on the possible solutions. So from now on, lose the word problem from your vocabulary and chose to use the word 'challenge' in its place along with looking for a new perspective that views your challenge positively.

Know when to quit

When should you quit? That is a very easy one to answer, especially when it comes to chasing financial goals! The answer is NEVER quit. No matter how many challenges seem to face you in your quest, there is one sure way to guarantee that you will NOT succeed and that is if you quit!

By all means change your tactics on a particular project, perhaps try a different program to follow, or indeed if needed re-think your whole strategy and change your angle of attack. However the age old saying is as true today as it has ever been, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again!' Keeping your dream alive, whether that is to work from home or to generate a million dollar online business, requires you to never give in to the challenges that face you, this surely is a prerequisite to success. So just keep striving to reach your goals.

Find the positive

Your third way to start thinking like a millionaire that will help you to make money, is to find the positive in 'every' situation. When choosing your perspectives on how you view any situation, choose a positive one that invokes a positive emotional response. Your alternative is in choosing a negative perspective, which can ultimately lead you into a downward spiral of negative emotions. Once negativity gets hold, solutions are harder to find. The choice is yours!

Choose to find a positive way of looking at each and every challenge and you will likely find a positively charged set of emotions to lead you in the direction of a successful outcome.

Now you know the first step in becoming a millionaire online (or anywhere for that matter) starts with you, inside 'your own mind' which is entirely under your control. Starting right now! try to incorporate these ways of 'success oriented thinking' into your everyday life.

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